Dr. Richard Rhoden

Dr. Richard (Rick) Rhoden, M.D, CCO, is a native Mississippian. He has lived, trained and practiced proudly in his home state while also attending medical education offerings throughout the U.S. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), Dr. Rhoden completed training in medicine and psychiatry at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.


His career focus has always been direct clinical care of both youth and adults with general psychiatric conditions, but Dr. Rhoden also has been active in administrative and organized medicine. He has served as Medical Director in various inpatient and outpatient, private and public capacities. Among other positions, he has been President of the Mississippi Psychiatric Association, the Mississippi State Medical Association (Psychiatric Section) and the Central Medical Society. He served as the Chief of Medical (psychiatric) Staff at St. Dominic, Charter and Bentwood Hospitals. He has served as Medical Director of Bentwood Hospital as well as Medical Director of Charter Hospital Adolescent and Partial Hospital programs. He is past Clinical Director of the Jackson Mental Health Center. He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Examiners and Board of Forensic Medicine and is a qualified expert in Mississippi Courts. His is a Senior Analyst with the American Board of Disability Analysts.


Believing strongly in the importance of political and community involvement, Dr. Rhoden served, for over a decade, as the APA Legislative Representative from Mississippi and as a seven year appointee with the Mississippi Board of Mental Health, including one year as Chairman; the Department of Mental Health graciously honored Dr. Rhoden by placing his name on the Administrative Building of South Mississippi State Hospital. Dr. Rhoden has served on the board of the Mental Health Association of the Capital Area which presented him the special 1991 Dorothy N. Moore award. He is also a Delegate to the annual MSMA House of Delegates. His civic duties have involved St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church and St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, various charities and the arts in the Jackson, Mississippi, metropolitan area.


Although his medical specialty is psychiatry, Dr. Rhoden views the brain/mind/body as a unified system needing balanced care in all its parts, hence his interest in general fitness and preventive health measures. He frequently incorporates care routines for such issues as nutrition, sleep, exercise and allergies into his treatment sessions. He is especially pleased to work with his son, Dr. Chad Rhoden, as co-founders of FlavorDoctor Foods, to reduce excessive and unhealthy consumption of dietary sodium.


Dr. Rick Rhoden currently lives in Jackson, Mississippi, where he specializes in treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) across the lifespan in private practice at his Mississippi Attention Clinic. Before, after, and sometimes during clinic hours, Dr. Rhoden functions as Chief Creative Officer of FlavorDoctor Foods, helping to further its development, marketing, and expansion.

Dr Rick Rhoden

Dr. Richard Rhoden