Product Testimonials

Just a few things people are saying about it . . .

“It allowed us to minimize the use of salt in our recipes without compromising taste.” - Morgan Freeman, actor and restaurateur


“I made a beef, butternut squash stew for supper that is really healthy. It was missing something so I added an entire tablespoon of your special seasoning and it was incredible.”  – Joann K.


“I eat it every morning on my grits, and on my breakfast, things like that, and I love it.”  – Chad S. Beagle Bagel, Madison, MS


“I have been using this for a few months; I like it with egg beaters.” – Pat S.


Stephen S. likes it on his Ham, Egg, and Cheese Bagel at Beagle Bagel!  – Facebook wall post


“I like it on scrambled eggs!”  – Allison Y.


“I love this product.”  – Sandra N.


“Good Stuff. I do not own a salt shaker just it. . .” – Paul W.


“My kids grilled corn on the cob! Before placing it on the grill, they pulled the husks back and sprinkled each with it. It was delicious!”  – Lynda G.